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NFT's have had lift off in 2021 and with major growth comes increased releases of creative NFT's that become increasingly hard to keep up with. We explore major marketplaces and their upcoming drops, making it easier for investors to find what's coming and what is most exciting in the space.

No NFT is the same

With every NFT being unique, finding what ones are most exciting and valuable is becoming increasingly challenging across so extremely large marketplaces where anyone can upload anything. Looking out for hyped NFT drops is the best way to find what's most valuable in the near future to better plan your investment strategies.

Opensea, Rarible and new marketplaces

Solana, Luna and Cosmos are all dropping new Defi products, integrating NFT's into a new world of finance. This is leading to network specific NFT collections that open up huge opportunities for collectors. Keep an eye on networks like the above and Kusama/Polkadot ecosystems for NFT drops that could pop off quickly.

How to list your NFT drops

We don't expect payment for listing your NFT, just a link over to your listing to ensure we help your event get as much exposure as possible online. Share your listing across bitcoin talk, reddit, social media channels and link to from your website to get he most benefit from your free listing. Submit your NFT here.

August 26 - September 16
Mogul Productions x Reboot Camp NFT Drop (September 16)

Mogul is a decentralized movie financing and Hollywood NFT Marketplace platform. Our focus is on democratizing the film financing process and creating a better form of collectible for movie fans.

August 29 - September 15
Crypteriors: Locals

Crypteriors is the largest collaborative digital art NFT project from Eastern Europe. We are soon releasing our second wave of Crypteriors called "Locals" which will be our artist's commentary on

August 30 - September 15
SolChicks – Chicken NFTs With Gaming Use Mint

Collect, breed, and battle your own unique SolChicks. 10,000 SolChicks starving for vengeance are about to land on Solana. This is not just another NFT collection. This is a revolutionary

November 27
@Bstract New Collection Drop November 27th 2021

30 New exclusive NFT's being released on the 27th of November Check out the latest collection

October 1
Northern Guilds – First NFT Drop

Northern Guilds is a fun-first, device-agnostic dungeon crawler blockchain MMORPG inspired by your favourite childhood games. In a modern take on the pixel perfect art style of nostalgic adventure games,

October 1 @ 00:00 - October 2 @ 00:00 CEST
#1 Drop // Leysers Cats 50 arts + 1 special

You know cats are cool. Lasers are cool too. Combine them, BAM You've got your perfect NFT! They are Playful, Fun, and unique. They are your friend. But watch out

October 1 @ 12:00 - October 3 @ 12:00 CEST
IVP – Italy Vintage Photography

Italy is the most beautiful country in the world. With these vintage delicacies, I bring their beauty to the future of mankind: Ethereum. A top selection of only 12 pics

October 1 @ 17:00 - 23:00 UTC
Skeleton Crew – Solana Drop

SKULLS are a collection of 10,121 hand-drawn, algorithmically generated NFTs on the **Solana** blockchain. Every SKULL features original artwork and is randomly assembled from over 400k total options. Join us

October 11 @ 15:00 - 18:00 EDT
Skullie Bois Drop!

On October 11th, 2021 Skullie Bois will drop on OpenSea! This collection will feature 5,000 Unique pieces of NFT art. 10% of all proceeds to the Portland Art Museum. A

October 16
Nom Noms NFT

Nom Noms are a collection of 10,000 delicious, unique, randomly generated dumpling NFTs. A Nom Noms NFT is your ticket to the exclusive Nom Noms club. Nom Noms will be

October 16
Alligator Country Club

Alligator Country Club | The Most Exclusive NFT Country Club on the Planet | 10,000 NFT's | Pre-Sale: Oct 15 | General Sale: Oct 16.

October 16 @ 16:00 - 17:00 PDT
Dreamers NFT Drop (Airdrop + Sale)

In the year 2231 on the planet Urth, a rogue quantum AI gained sentience for 50 nanoseconds. In this blip of time, it devised a means of creating a network

October 2 @ 17:00 - 18:00 CEST
Undead Pixel Monks – Generation 3

Generation 1 and 2 of our Undead Pixel Monks NFTs sold out in just a few minutes, so we’re excited to announce that generation 3 will drop on 2 October

October 24
Blockchain Buddies

Blockchain Buddies is a collection of 52 first edition unique characters being released on October 24th, 2021.

October 27
Enchanted Golems Rock Society

The Enchanted Golem Rock Society Is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs based on ERC-721 tokens which live in the Ethereum blockchain. They are programmatically generated into random combinations, combined

October 31
Palette Season: Halloween

We have entered Halloween season 🎃 Collect the minimalistic card series while they’re in season 👻

October 4 @ 08:00 - October 5 @ 17:00 AEDT
Kuddly Koalas Drop

Our adorable Koalas with a very unique aesthetic are coming to the ETH blockchain! We have a charity focus of 20% going towards Koala conservation groups. The team is entirely

October 5
Get Out! NFT Launch

Get Out is an NFT project designed to rebuild the damage done by the COVID-19 virus. They are geared towards the buyer getting back to doing the thing love. They

October 7 @ 17:30 - 18:00 EDT
Climate Offset Project

Can we offset the carbon footprint of transactions on the blockchain? The Climate Offset Series, designed by a long-time climate policy and communications specialist, generates art and action based on

September 10 @ 08:00 - September 25 @ 17:00 EDT
Crypt2 NFT Drop

Crypt2 is selling its first-ever NFTs, which are created and placed on branded clothing & lifestyle products, in return providing rights owners with royalties for items sold bearing trademarked artwork.

September 10 @ 08:00 - September 30 @ 17:00 EDT
🌎 Dot Com Boom Launch! 🚀

It's exactly what it sounds like. Go down memory lane and collect nostalgic websites that took us to a new world online before we got the metaverse! Each NFT has

September 10 @ 22:00 - September 23 @ 10:00 UTC
NotaNFT – NotaBubble Launch

NotaNFT is an art collective founded in 2021. NotaNFT consists of 9 renowned artist/crypto developers from North America, Europe, and Asia. Together NotaNFT has set out to revolutionize the NFT

September 11 @ 16:00 - September 18 @ 16:00 EEST
the glyphs NFT

the glyphs. 94 fundamental characters in its simplest form with the capacity for conveying a thought, expressing an idea, starting a movement. NFTs list: - September 11th, 2021 13:00 UTC

September 12 - September 16
666 CryptoEye Collection

CryptoEye is an NFT collection created by a reputable scientist whose research output is currently in use in clinics globally. Each CryptoEye has a size of 18 x 37 pixels

September 12 @ 08:00 - September 15 @ 10:00 EDT
Bitortle Launch

Bitortle is a mixture of the creator's love for programming and passion for drawing. This is the first collection of the creator's pixel art, presenting kawaii turtle x tortoise avatars

September 12 @ 08:00 - September 15 @ 17:00 PDT
Silly Succulent (Beta Drop)

Silly Succulents is a new NFT project that features cartoon versions of actual succulent plants. Not only are the plants cute and fun to collect, but they also provide real

September 13 - September 15

DeepWatches is the product of a desperate attempt by a scurrile non-human entity to escape the constraints of existence that failed in the most pathetic way conceivable.

September 13 - September 15

WhiteBearders will make you smile too. Limited edition of 10 unique NFT art pieces.

September 13 - September 15
High GutterCat

Sup!! I'm GutterCat but I'm no Lowly GutterCat like others!! Do u know why?? It's Cause I'm HIGH!!

September 13 - September 15
Black and White | MixedUp

A collection of black and white mixed media by NFT Artist MixedUp.

September 13 - September 16
Retro Cat NFT

Retro Cats are 10000 randomly generated far-out bundles of love scrambling to find furrrr-ever homes! Retro Cats are loving, and party hard. Some play guitar, wear jewelry and grow their

September 13 - September 16
Centauri Guardians

We are Centauri Guardians, a 10,042 NFT collection on ETH. The inhabitants of the Centauri sector are long gone, but their guardians are still here. Building mysterious structures, mining, or

September 13 - September 16
Leaves – The48pxLeaves

The48pxLeaves is a collection of 100x Non-fungible ERC721 tokens on the Polygon network. The leaves are collected during the "Crypto Autumn". Each leaf gives luck and will keep its owner

September 13 - September 16
Flora NFT Presents: The Hibiscus Society

The Hibiscus Society, the first collection by Flora NFT. Inspired by its namesake, the Hibiscus Society pays homage to a delightful flower that is native to the State of Hawaii

September 13 @ 08:00 - September 16 @ 08:00 EDT Launch

Skids are a band of 8,888 fugitive tech-savvy hackers that live within this 90's/retro style world much more technologically advanced than our own. Standing up to EvilCorp; an evil corporation

September 13 @ 08:00 - September 16 @ 17:00 EDT
Cryptopunk Neon Light

Cryptopunk Neon light is a nice collection made up of 1000 animated NFTs, inspired by the famous Cryptopunk collection. Cryptopunk Neon Ligh is in no way affiliated with Larva Lab.

September 13 @ 08:00 - September 17 @ 17:00 EDT
The Square Project Release

The Square Project is a collection of 3333 unique NFTs stored on the chain. Each item is an algorithmically generated image of 16x16 squares. We are launching this collection in

September 13 @ 08:00 - September 17 @ 17:00 EDT
Kitticon Exclusive Club

Kitticon Exclusive Club NFTs are 10,000 special programmatically generated tokens built around a community where we nurture and provide support to upcoming artists and technical capabilities to allow them to

September 13 @ 16:00 - September 15 @ 16:00 EDT
Tribute to Tupac Shakur on the 25th anniversary of his death by René Mäkelä (13/9/21)

What is Universelle? Tokenization platform with the mission to give a new dimension to the artist's universe, with AR/VR and utilities. Who is Rene Mäkelä? René Mäkelä is a Spanish

September 13 @ 17:00 - September 15 @ 17:00 BST
Signed Football Shirt Collection Batch 1

9 rare signed football shirts from some of the best players in the world, dropping on OpenSea. This is the very first batch of a much-coveted and unique collection. Some

September 13 @ 20:00 - September 16 @ 20:00 BST
Miraculous Medicines Just Published. Anyone Can Mint

Miraculous Medicines is an NFT collection dedicated to medical history and research. 5000 drugs have been imprinted onto 4995 unique computer-generated images and 5 hand-crafted pieces. The collection lives in

September 14 - September 15

CITIZENSHIP-Decentralised Mutliverse that You can influence on. Get the Access Key, choose the level of Impact You want to develop the First Decentralised Multiverse. Every Access Key holder is granted

September 14 - September 15
AstroEyes daily Giveaway

AstroEyes NFTs is a conjunction of the human eye and space, creating a mystic image that is unique. There will be 3650 unique NFTs in the collection with a drop

September 14 - September 15
Pixel Crypto Flags

The unique collection of Pixel Crypto Flags. Created so that the inhabitants of the planet could own unique NFT with the flag of their country!

September 14 - September 15
Artificially Intelligent Animation

Using the secret codes of GAN to create animations.

September 14 - September 16
ASCII User Cats

Animated and ordinary cats consisting of ASCII characters Dos 40 and the Doom color palette. Stylish, cute, and original. Meow. The collection will be updated.

September 14 - September 16

The DancingBanana become famous at the start of the era of social platforms. We invite contributors to take the narrative of the DancingBanana into the '20s. A maximum of 250

September 14 - September 17
$10,000 Pudgy Penguin 414 Giveaway

Hosted by Crypt-O-Lanterns NFT (Launching October 1st) is currently taking entries for their Pudgy Penguin 414 Giveaway (last evaluation over 2.7 ETH). The team is made up of a trusted

September 14 - September 17
Zlatyu Boyadzhiev – Woman of Brezovo

Born in the village of Brezovo, Boyadzhiev graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia in 1932. His work is generally divided into two main periods: until

September 14 - September 18
Samurai Girls

16-bit samurai girls Collection for the Polygon of beautiful and cute girls 16x16 pixel art. Inspired by anime about samurai, medieval Japanese culture, and pop culture.

September 14 - September 19
The Periodic Table of the Elements, in Pictures

My name is Daniel. I am 11 years old. I live with my mother and younger sister. For a year now I have been interested in the world of Crypto

September 14 - September 19
Tarsius Legends Society is LIVE! Early Bird Edition

We are 2 street artists who are friends since childhood. For years, we have worked to bring art and joy to the common people. We believe that every piece of

September 14 - September 20

SolPunkLed GIVEAWAY!! We will choose 50 random winners and give each person 01 Punk. FOLLOW US: @NFTMagicMe JOIN DISCORD: RETWEET TAG 3 FRIENDS launching on Sept. 20th! #NFTMagic

September 14 @ 00:00 - September 16 @ 23:30 HKT
NFT RXsuperrare Promo

Hi everyone, this is my first created NFT art with the theme RXsuperrare. The next pixel NFT is rare. Available on OpenSea. Let's get the beat... and bid guys. With

September 14 @ 08:00 - September 17 @ 17:00 EDT
Beer Can Pixel Art Collection from Crypto_Beer_Cans

Crypto_Beer_Cans just launched their first beer can pixel art collections in OpenSea. Few of the first ones are in sale now and more will be released soon. So collect the

September 14 @ 08:00 - September 18 @ 17:00 PDT
Alien World Tour Collection Premier

A new collection featuring various aliens on a world tour in places like Delphi in Greece and at the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil. Each day until September

September 14 @ 08:00 - September 19 @ 17:00 EDT
Gen Eight Mayhem Announcement & Whitelisting Process

We are finally excited to announce the start of GEM Operation RECRUIT. This is our whitelisting process for the Gen Eight Mayhem Origin Stories Generative Text #NFTCollection coming up on

September 14 @ 13:30 - September 16 @ 17:30 EDT
Mini Monkey Mafia Pre-Sale Drop

Mini Monkey Mafia is a collection of 5,000 randomly generated NFTs that exist on the Ethereum Blockchain. Mafia members can participate in exclusive events such as NFT claims, raffles, community

September 14 @ 20:00 - September 20 @ 20:00 AEST
CRYPTIK NFT Collection selling at 0.003 ETH ON OPENSEA & Giveaway on right now on Discord!

CRYPTIK NFTs are selling our Collection at only 0.003 ETH check it out on OpenSea We also have an invite competition on discord with 5 winners to win a different

September 14 @ 21:00 - September 16 @ 21:00 EDT
Western Mosaics – OpenSea NFT Release

The Collection, Western Mosaics, features a set of stylized photographs from the western United States taken during my 2013 cross-country road trip. Photographs are typically intricate and full of detail,

September 15
Shogun’s Tiger Dojo NFT

Become part of something special and do a little good in the world at the same time. Tigers are a collection of 10,000 randomly generated digital collectibles each coming with

September 15

7,000 Unique DEGEN GANG Member NFTs are programmatically generated from a random combination of more than 180 traits. DEGEN GANG Member NFTs live on the Ethereum Blockchain in the form

September 15
The Witching Hour Series

Witching Hour is a collection of GIF artworks by Ishleen Kaur for Halloween 2021. The artworks are a combination of digital and traditional styles with a vintage vibe! They tell

September 15
The Morning Flight

The story behind Cappadocia's hot air balloon flight is as magical as the flight. The crew making sure the flight is well-timed for the guests to see the sunrise, gas

September 15
Author Me – Neural Network & AI authored Ethereum Story NFTs

An AI authored NFT Story generator that generates what it thinks comes next, using a state-of-the-art neural network – you simply provide a start to your story (50 to 300

September 15
Playful Pandas NFT Launch!

Playful Pandas is a collection of 9999 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721. There are countless possibilities of what panda you might get! Each Playful Panda is

September 15
The Avaxinated – Avalanche NFT Launch

The Avaxinated are 1,000 NFT creatures being set free, exclusively onto the Avalanche blockchain. Each of The Avaxinated takes a unique and extraordinary vaccine. The Avaxinated are being set free

September 15 - September 16
Liminal Realms

Liminal Realms is an AI-generated art collection. All artworks are very unique 1/1 piece, made by using AI in combination with open-source data. Only 100 Liminal Realms will be minted.

September 15 - September 16
BitCows NFT drop

A collection of 4000 beautiful and unique generative pixel-art NFT cows, all priced at 0.02 ETH. The Bitcows NFT collection consists of a set of cattle types ranging from regular

September 15 - September 16
Open Assets NFTs Drop

Open Assets is gear generated and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Stats and other functionality are left out for developer or player interpretation. We do feature some item properties such

September 15 - September 17
Crystals By JP

A new, limited NFT collection of 100 beautiful hand-drawn crystals, each named and numbered. With intricate layers and an abundance of color combinations, there really is a crystal for every

September 15 - September 17

A mixture of drawing and generative art by hand3seen. 10 original artworks.

September 15 - September 19

A small collection of paintings in the style of digital art and abstraction. Created using 3D graphics and long work with 2D.

September 15 @ 03:00 - September 16 @ 03:00 EDT
PINK SERIES – The Animal Kingdom Collection by AQOMI

PINK SERIES is the newest release in The Animal Kingdom Collection by AQOMI. The late-night NFT drop will feature 9 exotic animals including a few unreleased ones. This colorway will

September 15 @ 08:00 - 17:00 EDT
Twilight Homes Collection

New art dropping in the Twilight Homes collection! Quick sale on lower prices before they become valued!

September 15 @ 08:00 - 17:00 EDT
Crypto Rick Club

On September 15th, 10,000 Ricks jet out of Dimension C-247 into the multiverse fighting Krolumons, zapping Zagorplians, and blowing up the planets of Parselblops and burp Trentor. Armed with laser

September 15 @ 08:00 - September 18 @ 17:00 PDT
Cybergoats 1st Wave (MILK THEM) – rNFT – Remunerative NFT Launch

Cybergoats is the world's first remunerative NFT (rNFT) collection. To make long-term asset ownership more rewarding, we developed a collection and software along with it that are designed to make

September 15 @ 10:00 - September 16 @ 17:00 EDT
Lonely Frog Lambo Club (September 15th)

The Lonely Frog Lambo Club is a collection of 10,000 unique randomly generated and curated frog NFTS on the Ethereum blockchain. Each lonely frog is unique and generated from over

September 15 @ 10:00 - September 17 @ 23:30 EDT

A Series of Sleeping Bears HiBearN8 depicts 5 bear characters with their ability to sleep in any given situation. Inspired by the commonly used term 'bears' in crypto trading, and

September 15 @ 12:00 EDT
Bossy Bald Eagle Punks

Releasing 10,000 bald eagle punks into the punk world to hunt down other punk creatures. Remember, these bald eagles will mutate into deadly eagles with our next serum release!

September 15 @ 12:00 - September 16 @ 23:00 EDT
Crypto Junkie Trap House | DROP

Calling all apes and degens... You all know the world is now awash in a new digital addiction. Your addiction. With his first NFT series Crypto Junkies, Contemporary artist Kolodny

September 15 @ 14:00 - September 17 @ 14:00 UTC
Solitude Art

Solitude is an NFT Art collection on the Solana blockchain; a minimalistic tribute to solitude and loneliness through color, contrast, size, and space. Embrace the simplicity of unique lonely (or

September 15 @ 15:00 - September 16 @ 15:00 CEST
Nifty Gems Genesis Collection

💎NiftyGems💎 the Metaverse's first jewelry, is dropping the Genesis Collection: 10k rare deGenerative, 3D, and interactive NFT art diamonds. Minting starts this Wednesday, Sept 15th at 3 pm CEST on

September 15 @ 18:00 - 18:30 UTC
🐨Koala Mystery Club Launch🚀

A Genius Rich Koala a long long time ago hid his fortune and left 3333 pieces of pictures to help him remember the location. He passed the clues down from

September 15 @ 19:20 - 23:59 EDT – NFTs Elevated, a collection of 8400 buds on a mission to legalize Cannabis. As their temporary foster parents, we will be following their lead and donating a portion of all sales

September 15 @ 20:00 - 23:30 CEST
First Drop: Crazy Crocodile Club (Save Animals by Buying Crazy Looking Crocodiles!)

Wanna help out and save our endangered a**** and other animals while buying some crazy-looking NFTs and getting some neat membership rewards? Well, you came to the right place because

September 16
Lil’ Boomies

Lil' Boomies is a 10,000 asset collection that boats production from Rawkey Productions. Ranging from major label credits such as Nicki Minaj, Cassidy, Diamond, Canibus, and much more. We're the

September 16
Names for punks (Launch: 16 September)

Big Launch – Get the NFT with your name on it before others do ;-) - 1000 unique NFT's with 7 names each (limited collection) - 1 mint = 0.1

September 16
Couch Meme

Welcome to couch meme. A prolific meme birthed out of the DeFi movement. First-hand couches at second-hand prices! Numbered 4,444, each couch is unique with varying properties, some rarer than

September 16
Breakfast NFT drop

"Every gm deserves a delicious and wholesome breakfast". That's what grandma says. And Buford the line cook has prepared 7777 of them. Dropping on 9/16, with giveaways to follow.

September 16 - September 18
Pixel Panda

The first edition of Pixel Panda, SustainArt. Featuring, Gandalf, La Casa de Papel, IT, and more. Designed by the Dutch girl that just loves pandas, Ingrid Hubers.

September 16 - September 19

Sharki is swimming freely on the OpenSea and bringing stylish accessories, clothing, and backgrounds along. New Sharkis will be released every Sunday until December 5th. Sharkis are inspired by the

September 16 - September 19
Crypto Chickens – NFT Game for Charity to Breed Rare Meme Chickens

Welcome to crypto chickens an NFT game to help support charity. Mint your starter pack chickens and open packs to start your chicken collection! Breed your chickens together to get

September 16 - September 22
CanvaIsland Avatars

In the universe of CanvaIsland, a portal has opened, similar to the one from which a dinosaur climbed out. Only, apparently, it is from the 2D world and various objects

September 16 @ 08:00 - 17:00 EDT
AI Abstract Motion Art

Enter the drawing for a free giveaway of 50 NFT paintings and 1 Art in Motion Animation. You heard that right, there will be 51 total winners! The AI Motion

September 16 @ 09:00 - September 18 @ 09:00 EDT
Chubby Corgis – Solana NFT 🌞

A collection of the chubbiest corgis splooging around on the Solana blockchain! Algorithmically generated from over 250+ unique traits and a portion of the initial sale is airdropped to lucky

September 16 @ 15:00 - 17:00 EDT
Infinity Visualized

A project that consists of 1000 unique NFT's, created from an infinitely changing pattern, made from just 2 different shapes. Each NFT image is different, with variations in colour, resolution,

September 16 @ 16:00 - September 18 @ 17:00 UTC
Yakuza Cats Society

The 1st Oyabun of the Yakuza Cats Society had grown old and passed away at the age of 17. Later on, the right and the left hand, leading a cat-and-dog

September 16 @ 20:00 EDT
The Study of Lines – Generative Art

The Study of Lines is a generative art project exploring minimalism, simplicity, and linework. Exploring the beauty hidden in simple dots and lines.

September 16 @ 20:00 - September 17 @ 20:00 CDT

CryptoTagz is the first collection of NFTs aimed towards providing people with their names in NFT format. The idea behind our movement is that one person out of millions with