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Coin Launcher first launched in 2017 to bring the latest projects in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency space to the audiences who wanted to understand what was being created in such a transformative time for technology and finance. In that time, our team has gone on to work directly on growth and development strategies with some of the leading projects in the space including the world's biggest DeFi lenders, crypto tax platforms and wallets.

This journey has been a long one, providing significant insight into the state of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries away from market prices, pump and dumps and hype. It's not all pretty, particularly price manipulation, industry monopolisation and corrupt press practices from those with the widest reach.

We love Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but we also love digging deeper to find the real news. You won't find paid for, sponsored posts here.

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Should crypto be worried about Binance?

We're going to dig as deep as we can into what Binance have been up to, their struggles in Malta and wha CZ seems to be up to in the industry.

What was an ICO and do they still exist?

This is going to be a short sharp review of the ICO craze and a little look into if it is still there, pottering away in the background like gramps in his shed. Hint: Some are still trying to launch ICO's...

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