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Cryptocurrency Corruption - Is What You Read True?

I want to focus on what's most important for the industry right now - there are no journalistic standards in the industry and corruption is public knowledge.

Why Defi will not go mainstream with quality of current brands like

What is Defi? Good question. If you’re barely heard of crypto or blockchain then you have little chance in really understanding what is dubbed as the future of financial institutions - Decentralised Finance (Defi).

Coin Launcher hits Google News

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Wirex launches first phase of updates for Mastercard launch

Wirex have today announced their latest updates off the back of July’s announcement of their principle membership with Mastercard.

Hedera processes 1.5m transactions a day - but why?

A press release dated 16th September from Hedera has stated that the network now processes 1.5m transactions per day, more than Ethereum, which is an interesting feat and statement to make. The first question from many in crypto will be - why?

Kraken gets US bank approval for a crypto bank

Interesting news for crypto today as exchange Kraken as seemingly been approved to launch a crypto bank in the state of Wyoming under an SPDI charter, strangely announced by Caitlin Long on Twitter

DCG Acquires Luno Crypto Exchange

Digital Currency Group (DCG), a blockchain-focused investment firm, has announced on Wednesday the acquisition of cryptocurrency exchange Luno.

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