e recently wrote a significant post on the poor quality of the crypto press and this time I want to focus on what's most important for the industry right now - there are no journalistic standards in the industry and corruption is public knowledge. Just google crypto press release or submit google press release and you can post, anything you want, for $x depending on the publication.

Ok so what, they charge. Well TL/DR - Anything you read in the crypto 'press' will be something the writer or publication is invested in or has been paid to shill.

Over the past two weeks, every publication has been pumping Defi, while investing in Defi. They charge to write news about projects, no matter how great that news may be, unless they're invested in said projects, in which case they happily post as much as they want. Note CZ and Binance can do or say what they want.

The major concern here is simple. While true believers in decentrlisation, blockchain and Bitcoin fight the good fight, 99% of the industry is out to profit in the exact same way the very corporations that are being targeted by technology such as Bitcoin have done for so long.

It's hypocrytical. It's lame. And it's really low quality.

How can crypto press be changed?

First of all, stop paying them to put your press releases on their orpaned categories, they don't get read.

Stop paying for advertising on their platforms and work on real world, targeted platforms outside of the crypto norm.

Work on scaling your business for the long term, target growth through content marketing and SEO.

Take back from their monopoly and control over everything that is said.

Back the growth of independent publication that don't charge.


Sep 22, 2020
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