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Crypto banks and IBANs for crypto, is it really possible?

Finding a crypto bank is like finding the end of a rainbow and the frustration is compounded by false information by shitty publications out to make a few £ selling sponsored posts. We have a better list, a real list.

Can you trust the crypto press?

We're going to be highly controversial here and say, what crypto press? Yes, it's that bad.

What happened to these ICOs

We're going to run some very quick overviews of some really strange ICO projects, some of which raised $millions via initial coin offerings.

Should crypto be worried about Binance?

We're going to dig as deep as we can into what Binance have been up to, their struggles in Malta and wha CZ seems to be up to in the industry.

What was an ICO and do they still exist?

This is going to be a short sharp review of the ICO craze and a little look into if it is still there, pottering away in the background like gramps in his shed. Hint: Some are still trying to launch ICO's...

Why does every blockchain project have a whitepaper?

When you don't have a product, business, technology or anything in fact, other than an idea, a whitepaper (within the Blockchain industry) is a way of showing what you could have.

The Positive Impact Of Cryptocurrency Payments In The Gaming Industry

Online and mobile casinos are both instances of where cryptocurrency payments could have a hugely beneficial impact for several reasons. One of the first is that cryptocurrency payments and the associated blockchain technology allows everyone to gamble anonymously.

Blockchain industry use cases

Blockchain is seen as a massive disruptor in almost every industry sector possible, but what is Blockchain actually achieving in industry right now and which platforms are actually being developed on?

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